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Provision of Nominee Services

We provide representation services including nominee directors, trustee shareholders, secretary, and registered office.

Our trustee or nominee shareholders, who hold the shares in a trust, act according to the instructions of the beneficial owners. A “nominee shareholder” is the legal owner of the shares of a company. The nominee is obliged to hold the shares for the benefit of the beneficial owner and act under his instructions. Therefore a Trust Deed, which secures the rights of both parties, is signed between the beneficial owner and the nominee shareholder.

Our nominee directors and secretary only following the instructions of the beneficial owners appoint and/or remove the nominee directors, secretary and shareholders.

Our policy is strict confidentiality and the name of the beneficial owner is only disclosed to the bank. Neither our firm nor the bank will share this information with any governmental or other institution. An exception to this rule is only in case there is a disclosure order by a Cyprus court. This will occur only in cases where there is valid suspicion that the beneficial owner or activities of the company do not comply with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) requirements.

Under Cyprus law, it is obligatory that every company must have a company secretary and a registered office address in Cyprus in case of receipt of any official documents. We provide a “Registered office” as a nominee service meaning that the company will maintain a registered address in Cyprus.

It is advisable that the majority of the board of directors consists of local residents so that the management and control of the company are considered to be effected in Cyprus. Therefore, the company will be regarded as a tax resident in Cyprus and take advantage of the Cyprus tax system and double taxation treaties offered according to Cyprus Tax Law.

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