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Cyprus Company Formation

Cyprus-Company-FormationOur team can advise and assist you with the incorporation of a company in Cyprus or any other jurisdiction in the world.

Company Formation

We have a long history of working with the incorporation of tax-efficient entities in Cyprus. Our team will assist you to set up your company tailored to your needs, either by using a “shelf company” available to you within 24 hours or by incorporating a company with a name of your choice within 7 working days. If a name is chosen from our list of approved names then the registration period is limited to 5 working days.

The procedure of registering a Cyprus company is simple and straightforward.  Following your instructions indicated on the company instruction form that you will be asked to fill out when posting your request, we will efficiently incorporate the company according to the structure that will meet your business requirements.

Our well trained and experienced team is always available to assist and guide you in deciding the structure of the company.


Ready-Made “Shelf” Companies

Our shelf companies are ready to be used right away upon request, facilitating company set-up within 24 hours.

Previously incorporated companies are known as shelf companies, ready-made companies or aged companies. The main purpose of using a shelf company is that it offers a history to your company or it gives you the flexibility of commencing immediately your business transactions.

It is very common that business relationships are also influenced by the length of time a company has existed. For example, the credibility of an older company incorporated 2-3 years previously is more advantageous rather than using a recently incorporated company. The leading reason for acquiring a shelf company, in general, is credibility and consequently, their demand is high. The limited existence therefore of more than two years old shelf companies should, therefore, not be unexpected.

We offer a wide selection of shelf companies ready to be used, with a clean history since these companies have never been used in any operations at all.

The primary importance of choosing a shelf company should be the date of incorporation and not the name since the company name can easily be changed.

Please note, though, that the supply of shelf companies is strictly limited and opting for a specific vintage corporation will incur a surcharge. Recently incorporated companies i.e. less than 3 months will not incur any surcharge.

Re-domiciliation of Companies